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Senior 3D Environment Artist

Welcome to my Artstation page.

I am a 3D senior environment artist for the last past 17 years.
I worked on multiple games like:

Dropzone (PC) Sparkypants ( 2 years fulltime freelance)
Senior Environment artist

The Order 1886 (PS4)  Ready at Dawn- Irvine
Senior Environment artist

Diablo 3 (PC) Activision Blizzard  Irvine
Senior Environment artist

Turok next gen (xbox 360) Propaganda games a Disney Studio- Vancouver
Lead Environment

Prince of Persia 3 the 2 thrones (PS2-Gamecube-Xbox) Ubisoft- Montreal
Environment artist

Prince of Persia 2 Warrior within (PS2-Gamecube-Xbox) Ubisoft- Montreal
Environment artist

Ironstorm (PC) 4X studio-Paris
Environment artist

Fog (PC) for Cryo-networks-Paris
Props artist

Substance materials 

Hard surface modeling

Sparkypants studio :Dropzone 

Ready at Dawn: The Order 1886 : White chapel area

More images from the Order 1886 with some breakdown and wireframes

Blizzard Entertainment Diablo III -Dungeons-

Ubisoft Montreal: Prince of Persia Warrior within / Two thrones


Organic doodles