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The Order 1886: Whitechapel area -Julien Lefebvre-

So I was the main modeler of the whitechapel levels.

In some area especially for the E3 levels other environment artists helped:

David Budlong, Edgar Martinez, Nestor Carpintero and James Rosenkranz

The textures/materials was done by a separate team.

Megan Parks was in charge of making / assigning / layer blending / optimizing most of the material of the scenes.

Some materials used too have been made by the rest of the textures team for some elements ( Erin McKown, holly Wilson, Alberto Rodriguez, Bobby Rice and Hugo Beyer).

As for the lighting it was done by : Paul Gimm , Huan Tran and Nathan Phail-Liff

The Fx were created and placed by the FX team:

Sabra Goebel, Orson Favrel, Eric Cloutier and Brian Merril.

The far Vista area was the work of:

Brandon bien, Ethan Ayer and Martin Bergstrom.

The prop team made tons of objects and material:

Jo Watanabe, Juan Hinojosa, Brandi Parish, Scot anderson, james tran, Arin Robinson and Derek Hise.

Great support from the concept team and the art director with drawings and a tons of photo references. : Nathan Phail-Liff, Joe Studzinski, Mike Sekowski, Brandon Bien, Steven Wen and Tobi Kwan.

Thanks to Heather Howard, Mark Judkins and Lucas Sparks for the support on visibility and collision.

Play the game to have a real feeling of my work and see the rest of my talented colleagues levels.

Check the credits of the game to find out more names ;) quite a list a great people in it.

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